Today matters!

So it’s been a little while since my last post. Lets say that Life just happened. My mother-in-law had a stroke 3 weeks ago and man ohh man did things change… But on the bright side, she is making an amazing recovery, yesterday she got transferred from Stanford in Palo Alto to Cottage in Santa Barbara. I haven’t seen her since the day she had the stroke. She hasn’t really spoken, she’s slurred a few words here and there. She really didn’t recognize anyone, but little by little she is recovering and remembering all the people that love her dearly.

So between very long weekends without Kat and crazy busy week days juggling the boys and trying to photograph as much as possible, well it’s been a little hard to sit down and write. And while this is not the most inspiring of posts, it is one of insight. There are times we commit to certain things, a lot of times they are just personal commitments and call it “life” or “excuses” or whatever, things happen that make us brake that commitment. But this is why I am writing this, because at the beginning of the year I made the commitment to write consistently on my blog. And while it’s been waaaay over a month, I am here, typing. And that is all that matters.

I read this post a few days ago that just hit me like hammer.

So to all of you out there struggling with personal commitments I say to you, yesterday is gone, today is what matters.

Are you gonna let today turn into just another yesterday?


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